• Sriram Srivigneswaramoorthy, Rotraut Pape, Marco Russo, Deike Schwarz, Nicolas Gebbe und Thomas Bannier präsentieren ein Best of 10 Jahre HFG - FullDomefilm auf Datenbrillen im Rahmen des EMAF European Media Art Festivals in Osnabrück, April 2016.
  • Blaue Lagune: Marco Russo und Maciej Madrala 2015
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25 04 2016

Immersion – Cinematic Virtual Reality: EMAF 2016

From FullDome to VRideo

Kuration: Rotraut Pape, Thomas Bannier, Nicolas Gebbe

Powered by: WHIRLIGIG UK/ Philip Day, hFMA, HfG Offenbach


Completely submerging in an illusion is an ancient goal of humanity and art.


The Dome, always a special place in the course of our cultural history, as a place of refuge and worship (caves), as an interface (church), a manifestation of power (architecture) and imagination (holodeck), as well as spirituality (firmament). After special planetariums were equipped with new projection technology, an innovative, audiovisual medium arose, taking account of this very special spatial situation in immersive experienced films: the Fulldome film.


The audience is surrounded by images and sound and has to move independently to follow the stories. Liberated from the perspective of the external observer, one no longer sits in front of the stage or screen but rather in the midst of things and from then on shifts into the center of the world as viewer.


What was previously complexly projected onto 360° Domes the size of soccer fields can now be experienced individually through VR glasses on a persons nose and through head movement.


In an immersive context, work in surround sound becomes increasingly important to dramatically split the contents of Fulldome films and make the anticipated gazes of the viewers controllable with the help of precisely placed sounds in the surrounding space. We simulate this phase of research on the basis of Fulldome films with sound in 5.1., following the viewing directions.


We present a „Best of VR art“ short film and art program by students of the HfG (University of Art and Design) and the roots and innovative possibilities of cinematographic VR films and 3D sounds. With five parallel stations, we focus on the development of expansive, immersive films from the direction of 360° Fulldome films, which has been researched and practically realized at the HfG art academy since 2007. Screened for the first time at the annual Fulldomefestival in Jena since 2007, these works subsequently caused a sensation around the world, highlighting Hesse as the nucleus of research on immersion.


Supported by the hFMA (Hesse film- and Media Academy) network, in cooperation with the University of Applied Science Darmstadt. RP


10 Filme. 10 Jahre Fulldome.


Aufräumarbeiten (Cleaning Up)
(David Sarno, DE, 2007, 3:34)

Schwimmende Einhörner (Swimming Unicorns)
(Stephanie Kayß, DE, 2011, 5:35)

Der letzte Arbeitstag (Last Day Of Work)

(Anna Pietocha, DE, 2007, 5:00)


Vier Null Sieben (Four Zero Seven)

(Sabrina Winter, DE, 2012, 3:21)


How To Disappear

(Merlin Flügel, DE, 2011, 4:00)


Blaue Lagune (Blue Lagoon)

(Marco Russo, Maciej Medrala, DE, 2015, 7:26)



(Tim Seger, DE, 2014)


Das Ende eines langen Tages (The end of a long day)

(Christian Öhl, Philipp Boss, DE, 2015, 3:53)



My little brother Jimmy

(Thomas Bannier, DE, 2015, 10:18)



(Nicolas Gebbe, DE, 2015, 5:00)



Mit besonderem Dank an:

Birgit Lehmann, Bernd Zimmermann, Phil Day, Deike Schwarz, Sriram Srivigneswaramoorthy,  Micky Remann_FullDomeFestival Jena 2007-2016.