I wish we would never arrive The journey makes me feel alive Our little home Carried by our hands Yes it is No one understands The road stretches out more and more Oh boy, no use to lose control Don't break away There's nothing there to see Don't you worry You forget what you wanted to be We are the people People of no man's land Walking on earth No house, no solid ground Never told you We would set you free Don't you know I will always see you in front of me Song from Patrimony, 2014 Produced by Zare Pak Arranged by Felidae Trick & Zare Pak Mixed by Simon Vinestock Mastered by Calyx Clip by Marco Russo
  • Jahr 2014
  • Länge 03:28
  • Gattung Musikvideo
  • Prüfung Freies Projekt
Marco Russo - Felidae Trick – You In Front
Marco Russo - Felidae Trick – You In Front