• Jean Ranger: Six Mill Antennas ©
  • © Rudi Weissbeck / B3
  • © André Kirchner
  • FullDomeFilme @ B3 Biennal 2013
  • FullDome opening. Johnny Ranger nominee for the B3 Award BEN, category >Immersion<, talks about his work SIX MILL ANTENNAS. Foto: Rudi Weissbeck.

30 10 2013

FullDome Films @ B3 Biennal 2013

»Fulldome« is a new dimension of moviegoing experience that involves freeing the film from the convention of the rectangular screen and extending it across the entire cinema space. 360º dome projection immerses viewers in a world of images: we no longer look at pictures, but find ourselves in their midst, just as in real life. The fulldome experience is perhaps the most striking example of the theme of »Immersion« , which is devoted to the innovative transformation of moving images and sounds in, and into, space. This new medium, long a staple for projecting scientific films in planetariums, is now being explored by film and video artists around the world. Excited about its array of possibilities, from innovative feature-length narrative films to experimental installations, the international scene gathers every year at the »FullDomeFestival« in Jena. The B3 Biennial brings to Frankfurt for the first time a selection of high-caliber artistic fulldome films from Canada, the USA, Australia, England, Spain and Germany, and features discussions with the filmmakers about the future of this new medium.


The fulldome program is curated by Rotraut Pape, Klaus Dufke, Ralph Heinsohn and André Kirchner (assistant). Wednesday, 30.10. – Sunday, 03.11.2013 Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche Weserstraße corner of Gutleutstraße 60329 Frankfurt am Main