• Vortrag: Pape on Frigo
  • Vortrag: Pape on Frigo
  • Vortrag: Pape on Frigo
  • Vortrag: Pape on Frigo

08 05 2018

Vortrag: Pape on Frigo

Conference: Video Art Distribution. From Alternative Art Market to Commercialization
May 8-9, 2018, venue: imai Foundation c/o NRW-Forum Duesseldorf


Lost Media Alive: The FRIGO Experience

Media extend our senses – we use media to record and to transport what culture produces. We know that the epoch of electronically recorded media has been completed with the dawn of the digital age – and has an extremely short half-life. There are mountains of videotapes quietly allowing their electromagnetic particles to disintegrate and the playback equipment itself was junked long ago.

Frigo was an independent artistic concept of the 80s. „Frigo“ was a place – an abandoned cheese dairy in Lyon/F, and the name of the international group living out that concept. Frigo was a laboratory of forms, a multimedia studio with a video gallery, an exhibition/performance space, a radio station, artists‘ residences, a network and a hub for international collaborations.

Over the decades a fraction of the content of this lost media archive has been independently preserved by Rotraut Pape and Gérard Couty in Berlin and brought to life during a 2017 comprehensive Frigo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon.
Rotraut Pape, FRIGO. 042018


Since the 1970s, specialized distributors have emerged worldwide in response to the ever-evolving video art. As an alternative to the traditional gallery system, video art distributors have come up with innovative structures in order to sell and distribute such works of art. (…)

The conference will explore the relationship between art production, the art market and the exhibition practices of media art on an international level. We will review the historical conditions of the origins and the tasks of video art distributors, call into question the current practices and discuss the present-day challenges of Internet-based market strategies.
Stiftung IMAI, Düsseldorf.